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Current Releases - Estate Collection

Austere, well structured, complex. 


Estate Chardonnay

The grapes are harvested at <24 brix, < 8 grams acid, PH > 3.3.  Grapes are pressed whole cluster, tank chilled and put in barrels, half new French oak.
The wine will spend 10 months in oak until bottled in June or July.

Tasting Notes 2010 Estate Chardonnay

Tropical*Apricot*Lychee*Caramelized Apples*Baking Spices


Estate Pinot Noir

After harvest, two thirds of the mixed clone clusters are put through a delicate de-stemming process that slightly crushes them.   The remaining one third are put into a tank, the whole cluster intact.

Leaving stems on infuses s a "stem influence" that gives the finished product a slight spicy characteristic of sandalwood or violet. The pumace is then put into the press and the juice is pressed off.  The wine becomes sweet again as the whole clusters still have some residual sugar.  The grapes are put in tanks so the temperature can be controlled and is less at the mercy of nature.   The wine is then put in barrels and the natural malolactic process takes off due to the partially unfermented juice of the whole clusters.  The wine spends 11 months in French oak.

Tasting Notes 2009 Estate Pinot Noir

Black Cherry*Red Berries*Cinnamon*Earthy*Soft Tannins



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